A Splash of Success

A Splash of Success

We're a few months into the release of IndustryPresentations.com, and to test the interest in the market we put a single comment in a Reddit consulting channel providing free downloads for a limited time. Well, in just a few days we had thousands of new visitors and hundreds of downloads, so it's safe to say there's a lot of interest for high quality, impactful presentation templates (and having them free helped a little too...).

What does that tell us though? Well it tells us we're on the right track. Just because AI can generate a PowerPoint template in seconds, doesn't mean it's something that people actually want. Presentation templates are more than just some nice visuals, they also need to be well structured, well constructed and thoughtfully crafted.

Surprised female looking at presentation design

Another insight is that the most downloaded template was our Corporate Business Presentation Template, so we're definitely going to be developing more enterprise level corporate templates. Which are actually surprisingly hard to develop as they need to be tonally mature, extremely professional and also modern and simple. Though just because something is hard doesn't mean we shouldn't do it, so expect more corporate templates soon.

So with a splash of success how do we build on this? Firstly, we'll be looking to provide more promotions in future and we'll also look to more discounts as people have made it very clear that they love templates but they also really don't want to spend money (which is more than understandable in this climate).

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