What's been happening for March 2024

What's been happening for March 2024

The month of March has been filled with positives!

  • We've been slowly building out our library of high-quality, beautiful and industry centric presentation templates.
  • We've packed out questions and answers section with a huge variety of common questions and our researched answers.
  • The number of visitors to our website has gone almost 10x since last month, though that's mainly because we launched only a few months ago...

And most importantly of all; we've been making peoples lives easier and more productive. Allowing them to create high quality presentations in minutes. Which is something we're all really proud of.

Smiling alternative person.

So what's next for this month and April? 

  • Well we're going to continually add more professional business templates to our database.
  • We're also looking to add another level of visual enticement to our designs with a new business process that focuses on cutting edge design trends (and beyond).
  • We're going to pack our Knowledge Bank with even more hot and burning questions.
  • And we're going to look to ways to make the site even more visually engaging.

There's a lot to do but it's a marathon not a race, so let's all just enjoy the ride!

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