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Sales Strategy Presentation Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Sales Strategy Presentation Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

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When you need to present a stunning sales presentation but you literally have no time, this is the template for you! This PowerPoint/Google Slides template has been made with non-technical users as a focus.

Included are 42 slides divided into color or white varieties, all with a sales (and advertising) focus. We recommend alternating the slides (white then colored then white etc), to create an eye-catching and varied presentation.

Even more exciting is that all backgrounds colors can be changed with just a click, so you can decide on any color you feel like (or use your brand color) and apply that style to the entire presentation in minutes.

What makes this presentation great:

  1. Editable: All slides are designed to be instantly editable.
  2. Easy: No part of this template requires a high technical ability to update.
  3. Flexible: This template supports PowePoint and Google Slides. 
  4. Beautiful: A modern and simple visual design that entices.
  5. Impactful: With bright colors and large title text, this presentations really gets your attention.
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